like would y’all get the point if i started photoshopping the faces of prominent nazis over screenshots of npcs from the game? how obvious do i gotta be here?

anyway im probably not gonna post a lot more about this because this is bullshit and i have no doubt theres an unending supply of fanthings out there who will assume that i didnt read the exposition dialogue in the very quest im complaining about




This is kind of a problem of the genre I think, pretty much every rpg seems to have some manner of Faceless Goons who you just kill without a second thought for hella $$$$$ and EXP and usually the justifications for why killing hundreds upon hundreds of sentient beings is okay can be kinda flimsy (IE tempering in the case of beastmen) or not even be there at all. Xenoblade for example is one of my favorite games but there’s weird bird and lizard people mobs with no real lore that you just butcher for Epic Quests or whatever.

eh it feels like most of the mobs ive been fighting so far are just Big Monsters Whom Eat People, i dont really see a reason why the game can’t be increasingly large and dangerous wildlife.

or, you know, the soldiers of the evil empire against whom you are the brave and embattled resistance. those are pretty good too



I remember one mission I had to do was to kill off some giants that were enslaved eons ago and they were trying to break free of the mines they were kept in and it’s like uhhhhhhh

yeah also “the beastmen are irredemably evil” fuck that i want to hang out with sahuagin and bird people and shit, not just weird forest pixies.

also FUCK the part where they’re like “yeah we had to execute all those people because they’re the wrong religion forever now”

tbh the eorzean city-states are shown as being rather awful by themselves quite often, ul’dah is the one that shows this the most what with being explicitly racist aswell immensely hierarchical and corrupt but Limsa is shown to be imperialist as fuck and freely violate peace treaties with the beastmen in La Noscea whereas Gridania is intensely xenophobic and held to the will of arbitrary as hell Elementals. The game at least goes out of its way to show you and make you interact with beastmen who aren’t tempered but lol there’s no excuse for the quest with the giants.

yeah, but i also still feel like the intent of the story is supposed to be that these are the Good Guys and that Sometimes You Have To Take Drastic Measures